How to Trick your Dog into Taking Liquid Medicine: Simple Ways that Work!

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]An otherwise calm, patient, and happy dog can go crazy the moment he realizes you are giving him medicine. How he knows and anticipates is beyond everyone’s understanding, but the truth is plain and simple – this is not easy! The solution? Trickery! While that sounds slightly underhanded, that’s the only answer to this problem. Mind you, dogs are extremely smart and can call your bluff as well. That’s why you should learn how to trick your dog into taking liquid medicine like a pro.

Why do Dogs Hate Liquid Medicine?

On one side, dogs are known to eat everything they find, and on the other, they ferociously refuse medicine. Why? It is all in the smell! Dogs really do not appreciate strong odor unless it is from meat. A strong odor is nasty and can irritate their senses to no end. That is why they turn into little devils the moment they smell liquid medicine. 

Dogs Hate medicine

How to Trick your Dog into Taking Liquid Medicine?

Solution: Trick in the treat!

Use food to trick your dog into taking his medicines. Make sure the food itself has odor strong enough to suppress the medicine’s smell. You can choose a treat he likes or his wet food. Wet food usually has a stronger taste as well, and works perfectly. Peanut butter has always worked for our dogs. We have also used animal skin on occasion. A sausage may work with dry medicine, but we don’t think you can add liquid medicine to it. 

What are the other Alternatives?  

No matter how much you try, some dogs will just eat their food and promptly skip the medicine area. Or, they will refuse to touch their food altogether. In such cases, you will have to bring out the big guns – your hands! Now, this technique relies on trust, and you have to be careful while doing this. Also, it works best with liquid medicine that does not smell strong. Follow the steps below:

  1. other AlternativesMake sure he is comfortably sitting or lying down beside you
  2. Lift his cheek while comforting him, speaking to him softly, and pretending to be innocent
  3. Use your hand to slip the medicine onto his tongue through the cheek. You can use a syringe if needed
  4. Massage his throat so that it is easy for him to swallow

Pro tip: Administering liquid medication shouldn’t feel like a punishment to your little one. It should be a rewarding session. This approach makes everything easier. Let him be comfortable and reward him with a treat when he swallows. Voila! In all likelihood, he will take the medication faster from the next time because he knows a treat is coming!

CAUTION: Don’t force him or tilt his head while administering medication. You will be at the risk of getting bitten and him choking on his liquid medicine. 

What if Nothing Works?

If both the options above fail and your furry best friend is simply too stubborn, apologize to him for what you are about to do next.

Take him to the vet.

DOgEven the most stubborn dogs are miraculously docile at the vet. So, when he refuses to listen to you, just take him to the vet, and it will all be fine from then. Yes, this is an extra hassle if you have to give him medication for a few days in a row, but it is also a better, safer option. Thankfully, though, it doesn’t come to this for most dogs. This is only for extreme case scenarios with stubborn and injured dogs. 

The fact that your dog needs medication already means he is suffering. Nothing good will come out of making it harder for him. Be patient with him and empathize. Treat him as a friend who needs support. This attitude from you will calm him down and do wonders too. All the best![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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