Beef hide vs rawhide – What’s best for your furry friend?

When it comes to our pets, we always strive to give them the best. And of course, they deserve it!

Since our pooches cannot make food choices, it is up to us to ensure that they eat healthily, stay fit, and are always happy. As dog owners, one of the most common questions you will regularly ask yourself is – is this treatment safe for my dog? We recommend that you actually make this a habit because many brands sell subpar dog food that’s quite dangerous. 

In this article, we will answer this common question in one particular context – beef hide vs. rawhide. Beed hide and rawhide treats are quite common, and many dogs love them. But, are they safe? You are going to find out.

Rawhide vs beef hideIs beef hide the same as rawhide?

Let’s start by understanding what these terms mean. Beef hide and rawhide are actually different, but not by a large margin. Rawhide treats are made from any bovine livestock with cleft-hoofs. Beef hide, on the other hand, is made only from cows. 

Now, even though the source is different, they are mostly the same type of chews or treats. 

Are these treats safe?

Not really. They are choking hazards. As your dog chews them down, they become soft and can quickly come apart. Many dogs tend to choke on these little parts. Also, more often than not, the pieces get stuck in the teeth causing pain and discomfort. We have even heard of intestinal blockage due to rawhide and beef hide chews. 

Rawhide vs Beef hideWhat are the benefits of rawhide and beef hide treats?

There are two sides to these treats, just like any coin. The benefits they offer are as follows:

  1. They eliminate tartar and ensure good oral health
  2. They are excellent stressbusters
  3. They exercise the jaw
  4. They keep the dog engaged for a long time

Beef hide vs. rawhide – should you buy these for your dog?

We are a little skeptical due to the hazards. But, if you stay cautious, you can avoid problems. If your dog absolutely loves them, we request you to make sure that he/she enjoys the treat safely. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Wash it before giving it to your pet. This is especially important for dogs with low immunity.
  2. Choose only granulated chews.
  3. Choose large treats that your dog can’t swallow (the ideal size depends on the breed of your dog).
  4. If the treat becomes soft, take it away carefully and/or replace it with a new one.
  5. Throw away dirty chews.
  6. Throw any chews that have become smaller than your dog’s mouth.
  7. Moderation is important. Don’t always give him/her the chews just because he/she loves them. Rawhide and beef hide treats shouldn’t be a part of the daily diet.

Make sure you are around your dog during chew time so that you act quickly in case there’s an unfortunate incident. Also, it is always safe to speak to the vet before introducing a new treat. Professional advice can save you from a lot of trouble. 

There are also many other alternatives that you can choose from if you are worried about safety. After all, your dog’s health is always a priority! 

If you have any doubts or questions, please feel free to comment. Our experts will be happy to help you. 


  1. My dog loves rawhide so much that she acts depressed and un content with out them, but I am trying to find a alternative that she can live with. My dog Mia is very special and means the world to me and her optimal health comes first over what I give her to eat. She is German Shepherd Husky mix with German Shepherd colors and a Husky tail, she is smaller with shorter hair and everyone just adores her! Robert

  2. hi, love your article on beef hide v. rawhide. very well written. Still have a question though, not sure what granulated means in this context. i just ordered a bag of “premium pork chomps twists for dogs”. are they kosher for my six-month-old shiba inu? he’s crazy for those types of treats. i’ll take your reply as neither an endorsement/rejection of the product manufacturer.
    appreciate any help you can provide.
    best regards.

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