Pork Hide VS Rawhide – Which One Is Good For Dogs?

We all want to give the best life to our dogs but in our haste to do that, we sometimes make the wrong choice.

This is common with food choices. We tend to go with what our dogs love the most or what the dog stores sell us without much thought. However, did you know that some treats are particularly bad for them? They could cause serious health issues and lead to repercussions.

Among the many questions we receive is the battle between pork hide and rawhide. Are they safe? Is one of them better than the other? Which one should you choose? We shall answer this question today.


rawhideRawhide is a byproduct of leather. It comes from cows. Rawhide treats are tasty, yes, but they are also quite unhealthy. Dogs take a long time to chew them and stay engaged. But, the downside is that they can cause blockages and choking. Rawhide treats are also very difficult to digest. They stay in the digestive system for many hours. Irritation and contamination are, thus, common side-effects of rawhide.

Pork Hide

pork hidePork hide comes from pigs. It is usually a soft chew that does not break into smaller pieces. This automatically minimizes the risk of choking. Pork hide treats are just as delicious as rawhide but they are also safer and easy to digest. Make sure you buy pork hide made specifically from pig skin (ears mostly) for safe and healthy treat for your fur buddy.

Pork Hide VS Rawhide – Which One Is Good For Dogs?

We think the answer is quite clear now. The winner in this battle is pork hide. Rawhide comes with too many downsides while pork hide is a safe alternative. It does not cause choking and can be digested within 24 hours. The exact opposite is true for rawhide, which can lead to blockages, health issues, and other problems. Moreover, tests have shown that it remains undigested even after 24 hours. This makes dogs feel heavy, uncomfortable, and irritable. 

People also ask

1) Is pork hide better than rawhide?

Yes, it is. 

2) Is pork hide good for dogs?

Yes, pork hide is considered safe for dogs because it is a soft chew.

3) What can I give my dog instead of rawhide?

You can give your dog carrots, salmon skin bones, pork hide, antlers, and bully sticks.

4) Are bully sticks safe for dogs?

Yes, they are. They also last a very long time.


Dogs depend on us completely and trust us to make the right choice for them. Let’s not let them down by giving them unhealthy treats like rawhide. Pork hide is a much better and safe alternative.

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