Miniature schnauzer pros and cons – Here’s all you must know

Miniature schnauzers are bubbly and playful little dogs. They have a big personality packed in a small body and can fit well in most homes. And while we do not like tagging any personality trait as a “con,” it is important to understand the dog breed thoroughly before you get one. Otherwise, you may end up with nasty surprises, and you may not be able to cope with it. In this article, we will walk you through the most common traits and what you can expect when with a miniature schnauzer.

About the mini schnauzer

About the mini schnauzerThese dog breeds are very different from the rest because different dogs have different personalities. For example, a few may be very stubborn, while a few others may be sweeter. There are introverted and extroverted schnauzers as well! But, in general, they love walks and exercise. They are usually very alert and protective too. They are known to blend well with other pets; dogs and cats included. 

Obedience training can benefit them significantly and may solve a few training problems, such as leash resistance. 

Miniature schnauzer pros and cons

pros and consNow, let’s gloss over the various things you should be aware of before taking any further steps of adoption:

A schnauzer is a great choice for you if this is what you are on board with the following:

  • Small size
  • Athletic
  • Does not shed a lot
  • Whiskered face
  • Gels well with other dogs and family pets
  • Alert watchdog

You should not think of getting a schnauzer if you cannot accept the following:

  • Easily bored – needs exercise every day
  • Attention throughout the day
  • Chasing instincts
  • Too much barking
  • Stubbornness
  • Need for regularly grooming – the coat needs trimming

A dog is like a family member. No matter which breed you get, you must make time for him/her and take good care. Owning a pet is a long commitment, and the decision should not be taken lightly. A miniature schnauzer is an excellent breed for people living in apartments and those who love exercising with their pets. If the barking ticks you off, though, we recommend that you research another breed. Weigh all the desirable and undesirable traits, and only then bring a dog that you are sure will be happy in your living conditions.

We hope this article helps you decide whether a miniature schnauzer is a right dog for you. If you have any doubts, please feel free to speak to us.

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