How to Transport a Dog in Bed of an open Pickup Truck: Safe Guide

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Would you drive with your toddler in the bed of your pickup truck? No, because it is dangerous. The risk is the same with dogs.

A lot of questions have come upon this subject. So, let’s discuss this and come up with a solution as well. To transport a pet in the tates have made it illegal. The number of deaths per year in this scenario will break your heart. And, we aren’t even counting injuries and fractures.

However, as in many cases, there’s a safe and unsafe way of doing this. We understand that sometimes you have to take your dog with you, and you have no other option but to put him in the bed of your pickup truck. But, does it have to be open? Does it have to be so unsafe? NO!Dangers and risks of transporting your dog in a truck bed.

Dangers and Risks of Transporting your Dog in a Truck Bed

  • It can lead to choking when the truck pulls up or goes too fast.
  • Forceful wind can cause too much discomfort.
  • Debris and dust can hurt your dog.
  • When you stop the truck suddenly, your dog may slide out.
  • He may jump out of the vehicle and choke to death.
  • He may be thrown out of the truck altogether.

Ask yourself – does your dog deserve this?

How to transport a dog in a truck bed safely?

The simplest thing to do would be to cross-tether your dog. Secure him such that he is still able to move but not enough to panic and jump out or get hurt. Cross-tethering gives him enough room for this. Choose two safe points on either side of the truck and restrain him accordingly. Taking him/her unrestrained is out of the question. Using a single leash is a big no as well. Experts say that this would be even worse because it would be easy for your dog to panic and hurt himself.

However, for complete safety, we recommend a dog crate. A plastic, light-colored crate that’s covered on all sides (but with a sizable breathing hole) would be perfect. It would prevent discomfort due to heat or rain, and the plastic will stay cool, unlike metal.

Also, training your dog is a must. Traveling in the bed of a pickup truck can be scary for dogs. So, easing them up to it seems like the safest idea. Take him/her on short trips in the crate or by cross-tethering so that they know it is safe. Fear can create anxiety and a lot of stress in dogs. Why would we put our little ones through it?

Find out everything about the law

Six states in the USA have strict laws against transporting dogs in a truck bed. They all, in summary, mandate that all dogs should be secured safely during transportation. Violation of the law can land you in trouble, but we think that’s not as bad as risking your dog’s safety. Is it?


We are against transporting your dog in the bed of your pickup truck, but if you absolutely have to, please follow our guide and make it a happy journey for your dog. These steps are easy and effective, and we are sure you want nothing but safety for your pooch.

Our dogs trust us with their lives and would go anywhere with us. Let us respect that and protect them.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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